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My mission at Babes in Sleepland is to help parents experience the profound joys of life with their infant or child, while minimizing the profound disruptions to existing routines and sleep schedules that can sometimes accompany those first few months or years.  As a new mom one of the hardest things to deal with is a lack of sleep.  When we get the rest we need because we have learned how to get our baby sleeping, we are much better able to cope with such things as infant fussiness or colic.  

I have built my practice on the belief that sleep is not a luxury but rather a biological necessity that no baby, child or parent can-or should-do without. As I went from the uncertain days of having my first baby to the confidence of having my fourth, I came to believe that the idea of sleep deprivation automatically coming with the territory was a myth. 

Two decades later, I have both the personal experience and the professional training to prove that my original thinking was right. Whether you are dealing with new born sleep issues, a child who won\'t stay in bed, frequent night time wakings, or you are an expectant mom who just wants to learn how to pre-empt baby sleep problems, I can help you. I\'m here to show you how to teach your baby or child to get the sleep s(he) needs and your family craves.

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