Author of the YA novel, \"The Hidden World\"

\"I was born in Litchfield, Connecticut, where I still live today. I grew up to love writing, to love using my imagination to create worlds both on paper and off. My childhood was spent in the woods exploring with my cousin and brother. I have always been very close with my family and those bonds have only been strengthened by the illness that plagued me for three years.

Here is an excerpt:

The Before

The young boy staggered wearily through the woods. His dark brown hair was tangled and his grey eyes were heavily shadowed and deep set from exhaustion. He hadn’t slept in days. His clothes were tattered and dirty, covered in dark stains that looked like blood. As the boy staggered onward, an owl hooted, a creature rustled noisily through the leaves, and far in the distance, a lone wolf howled mournfully. The boy gazed up for a minute and then looked back down at the path that was visible only to him.

The freezing night shrouded everything in a black blanket. Only light a tiny sliver of moonlight shone through the trees. The wind hurried through the valley taking whatever it could carry on its way. Leaves were caught in its fingers as it pulled and pulled at branches, trying to wrench them from the trees. The moon followed the wind at a slower pace, nonchalantly traveling across the sky until it reached the next horizon, where its journey would begin again.

As the moon neared the far horizon, the woods began to brighten—very subtlety at first. The shadows grew from the encroaching darkness, captivating the land in their eagerness to precede the sun.

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