Lori Lite, founder of Stress Free Kids provides fun parenting solutions to reduce stress and bring wellness to daily living. Her accessible tips, stories, and parent’s guide show families how to integrate relaxation exercises and activities effortlessly throughout the day.

Lisa is a user of Lori\'s wonderful books and they have helped her whole family relax! 

Here is more from Lori:

As a young parent, bedtime meant two stress filled hours of trying to get my young son to sleep. My daughter developed stress related night terrors and the stressors of parenting were making me sick. In an effort to help myself and then my family, I started to practice research-based, stress management techniques throughout the day. The exercises worked so well for me, I wondered what would happen if I incorporated breathing, visualizing, affirmations/positive statements and progressive muscle relaxation into a bedtime story for my children. My children followed along and fell asleep.

To read more and learn about how to get all of Lori\'s great products go to 

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