“After my suicide attempt and resulting diagnosis, I knew something had to be done to increase adult ADHD awareness!” – Jeff Emmerson

The Adult ADHD Information Blog was created by Jeff Emmerson out of the massive growth and need for information, resources and community with regard to those living with or affected by Adult ADHD!

The numbers of ADHD diagnoses are climbing at what seems to be break-neck speed, and so much of the information out there is about children with ADD/ADHD, so Jeff decided to take matters into his own hands and offer his own discoveries from around the internet, his own life, and through research that’s at the cutting edge.

As Jeff says, “I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD at the age of thirty-five, and suddenly, things all began to make sense! My past behaviours, my patterns of not sticking with goals, and other traits that drove me to near-suicide now have an answer!”

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