Author of "Feel Good Now: When It Comes to Better Health, There Really is a Quick Fix."  

'Feel Good Now!' is a book worth owning. It's what the wellness industry has been craving for years, but nobody has been able to deliver...until now! Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT (aka 'Dr. SAM') has provided a great health gem with this book. He has designed a means by which to help people transform their health by giving them what they've always wanted—the 'quick fix'! However, his new and innovative approach is not a bunch of false promises, gimmicks, or snake oil, but rather a true 'system of health' that is safe, affordable and easy-to-follow. This book helps you stay focused and empowered towards feeling better as you learn the true 'art of health', as opposed to distracting and overwhelming you with unnecessary and complex science. It keeps health matters very simple—teaching you to master the basics—the way it should be! The book shows you where to begin, as well as how to achieve better health very quickly. You don't need a medical degree to understand the simple health guidance that is in this book. If you want a common-sense approach to feeling better, as well as a fresh perspective on how to improve your health quickly, easily, and permanently, then this book is worth owning!

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