Though the holiday season is considered to be a joyful, relaxing, family oriented time of year, the immense amount of cooking, cleaning, shopping, and potential increase in family conflict and financial burden, creates a situation in which anxiety and stress levels can rise to an all-time high. Fortunately however, Gene Hirschel an expert in various fields of change technology, has unveiled his newest innovation, which he calls “Blame Amy”. “Blame Amy” is being revealed to the public just in time to help minimize the stress of the holiday season.

 Amy, a nickname for an area of the brain known as the Amygdala, is responsible for the natural human inclination of shutting down logical thinking and creating an aggressive response. This automatic switch in the brain occurs whenever a person feels threatened or endangered and is often triggered by stressful situations such as dinner planning, cleaning or that one relative who knows exactly which buttons to push. Hirschel’s dynamic new program “Blame Amy” helps clients recognize when this switch is occurring and teaches them to stop it from taking place. The “Blame Amy” method has seen fantastic relationship building and stress management results in school systems and corporations throughout the New York City area. Gene shares tips on how to keep your cool this holiday season.

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