Author of Sexual Enlightment: How to Create Lasting Fulfillment in Life, Love, and Intimacy.\"

Sexual Enlightenment provides a guide for anyone-from couples to singles, from parents to students, from professionals to entrepreneurs-looking for bringing lasting fulfillment into their lives, relationships and work. Introducing cutting-edge principles and inspiring practices on how to access innate creative energy, listen to the wisdom of the heart, and connect with the power of the conscious mind, Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver offer a road map that can alter and enlighten the way you look at sexual energy, love, and your conscious self. They provide practical advice on how to *access peace and joy anytime and anywhere by calming the unending chatter in your mind; *circulate your life force energy within for achieving greater physical health, increased emotional well-being, and deeper spiritual connection; *feel confident, grounded, and vital in yourself by accessing and training your love muscle; *experience an instant love connection with your partner, avoiding debilitating fights and mutual accusations; *come into balance of your yin and yang nature for creating the life and relationships you always wanted; *release blocks from the past that no longer serve you and keep you from experiencing fulfillment in life, love, and intimacy; *bring pleasure into your daily life by tapping into your creative life force energy; *enjoy reawakening your feminine joyous self as a woman; *cultivate sustaining your masculine pleasurable energy as a man; and *draw on your life-giving sexual energy to infuse your wishes and realize your dreams.

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