Adrian James is co-founder and President of Omada Health, a digital health care company focusing on preventable, chronic disease. Omada has built a groundbreaking 16-week online weight-loss program called Prevent, tailored for people at risk for type 2 diabetes.

The Prevent program, based on a landmark clinical trial, is a personalized 16-week online program will help you lose weight and change habits that place you at risk of developing diabetes. Prevent combines one-on-one guidance from a health coach and support from peers in a private small-group environment.

Prevent is a 16-week interactive program that combines weekly lessons, a dedicated health coach, and a small group of peers in a flexible, online environment. Each weekly lesson introduces new strategies in nutrition, physical activity, and other habits that will help you sustain your improved health for the long-term. Special tools, including a wireless digital scale, are included to help you track your progress and build awareness of your changing habits.

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