Rita Beckford, MD joins Lisa to talk about the book she and her husban Ian George Beckford, MD wrote \\\"The Beckford Formula: LOSE THE FAT FOR GOOD!\\\"

Meet Drs. Beckford – a married couple who are both affectionately known as “Dr. B.” Both Ian and Rita have been family medicine doctors for 14 years. And they don’t mind admitting that at various times during their 18-year relationship, they battled to control their weight while raising two kids and managing a hectic schedule. At work, they found themselves constantly telling patients to lose some weight, but privately the Beckfords were struggling too, see-sawing on the scale for years as they experimented with fad diets and exercise crazes. 
Today, their up-and-down weight woes are over, and the Drs. Beckford have lost over 100 pounds together using the process of the Beckford Formula. After finally realizing this success and getting the scale to move in the right direction, they have decided to share the entire process – the agony, frustrations and finally the triumph!
The Beckford Formula is the culmination of their combined 28 years of weight loss management as medical doctors, with the success of thousands of patients (without the use of medications or surgery), 18 years of personal battles with obesity and eventual victory, and over a decade of researching peer-reviewed medical journals, articles and books published by international thought leaders in the field of weight loss and weight management.
You don’t have to spend hours at the gym!
Finally stop YoYo dieting and learn how to eat real delicious food while the fat falls off!
Dine out and still lose weight!
Finally two doctors who have lost over 100 pounds on your team.
Download the Beckford Formula app and start this journey now!

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