Dr. Chatterjee knows all about the pain you or your loved one experience when you have to deal with severe headaches or migraines. As a neurologist, he has seen and treated several thousand patients with headaches of all kinds. And, as a lifelong migraineur (a person who suffers from migraine headaches), Dr. Chatterjee has lived with debilitating headache pain himself.

Dr. Chatterjee has had migraines from a very early age and watched his father, also a physician, struggle to function with his own migraines. His father would experience severe attacks that frequently prevented him from seeing patients in his practice, sometimes for days at a time.

Like so many headache and migraine patients, Dr. Chatterjee has tried many different treatments, prescription and non-prescription, to manage his pain with limited success. Inadequate pain relief and side effects limited his treatment choices. After suffering from a stomach bleed due to a prolonged use of Motrin®, he was restricted to taking Tylenol® to treat his pain.*

Motivated by his own experiences and those of his patients, Dr. Chatterjee developed Ausanil™ – a non-prescription, homeopathic nasal spray specifically formulated to provide rapid pain relief from severe headaches and migraines. In a matter of a few minutes, Ausanil now effectively treats his pain without the risk of systemic side effects and adverse drug interactions.

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