In Mary\'s own word: My inspiration for this book was a lightbulb moment while working at a bush camp in Botswana. We were low on stock and the leftovers were building up in the fridge. High paying guests were expecting a memorable meal and the rest is history…

EATS offers:
     27 master recipes
     108 alternate recipes
     135 recipes in all

• Cut, peel, purée, poach or freeze 12 different fruits to take full advantage of their flavour.
• Roast, steam, bake, braise, sauté or grate 15 different vegetables to then reinvent them into other recipes.
• Learn tips and tricks to be used while cooking to reuse food items that might have been thrown out.
• Acquire tips on how to buy, why to buy and how to store 27 different fruits and vegetables.
• Pick up green tips on growing fruits and vegetables in gardens or in containers.

In addition to a diverse and colorful collection of recipes, EATS also provides practical solutions for saving and reusing ingredients to create new meals. Mary’s simple tips on reinventing leftovers will help you eliminate waste, save money, and challenge your culinary creativity.

For more ideas or questions on reusing leftovers,

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