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Healthier Tiny Living Environment: Tiny Houses

Healthier Tiny Living Environment: Tiny Houses

A healthy and happy life starts with a healthy environment. Many people are finding ways to positively influence their health and the health of their loved ones through the homes they choose to live in. There's a buzz about tiny houses these days. Design-builder like Tiny House Northeast, build with not only the tiny footprint in mind, they also resources green or sustainable materials, including reclaimed wood, non-voc paint and local wood flooring.

b2ap3_thumbnail_007.JPGThis highly efficient and minimalistic approach to life is a big lifestyle change that starts with the question: "What do we really need?" If my book collection means the world to me, this might make it impossible to give them up.The tiny house, at not more than 7.5' interior width (length is more flexible), is probably not a venue for a wall of books, but rather a wall for heat, or clothes storage - or a couch!

If, on the other hand, we might consider what we can have downloaded/stored on a touchpad - or better- what our local library has to offer, then we might see past that objection to the amazingly more affordable and easy-to-maintain and heat tiny house. For more information, please visit TinyHouseNortheast.com or TinyCedarCabins.com

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