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Easy to Love But Hard to Live With

Easy to Love But Hard to Live With

One of my passions is raising awareness about invisible disabilities, illnesses and disorders. My mother suffered her whole life with two invisible disorders- sensory processing disorder and fibromylagia. I wanted to write a book about her story and about my daughter who also has invisible disorders. Instead of just focusing on my mother and daughter, I decided to do an anthology so I could include lots of stories from others who have also struggled with invisible disorders including ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders, mental illnesses, and more. The book is called “Easy to Love, But Hard to Live With:  Real People, Invisible Disabilities, True Stories.” Below is the preface written by my wonderful co-editor, Tricia Bliven Chasinoff. I hope it inspires you to learn more!  xo Lisa 



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